Monday, April 02, 2007

Dinner and Reassurance

Remember my post about the party?

Well Saturday our family was invited to my husband's new colleague's house for dinner. It was just us, so it was stress-free. I told her about how I felt at that party, and she told me that she was getting the same attitude from the same guys. She said that when she and her friends had sat down it was all gay men. Several made them feel welcome, but a couple, especially the guy I thought was throwing me funny looks, was not at all happy to have their space invaded by women.

It made me so happy! He didn't like me because I'm a girl! That's so much better than not being liked for being straight.

Don't ask me to explain that.

And on another note, it is a d*mn good thing this new colleague of my husband's is gay, because he adores her. Well, maybe that's the wrong word, but it's not far off.

Of course if Carl was here he would make some crack about Hubby's taste in women being consistent.

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  1. Thank you for making me laugh! On both counts! -Kate-


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