Saturday, May 09, 2009

Gary's Job

Gary has been working on a job at a martial arts place The City for a while. He got an interview in the later part of March. He was very confident, but he didn't hear anything back, which was fine with us because Roland and I had some concerns. He did get a second interview about a month after the first. Then it was offered to him.

The entire time I had been expressing concerns about transportation. I've been warning him that we wouldn't help. I'll help him with jobs as far away as Schoolville, but The City is just too far. He's been studying bus schedules, talking about transportation services, and about friends who would help. My attitude has been that it near impossible for it to work it out, so why not let him learn by trying?

He was proud about having been offered the job and that dominated for a couple of days, then he started trying to figure out how he was going to get there.

He's turned the job down. I am really proud of him though. He really did have to figure this out for himself. I hope he is able to find another job somewhere closer.

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