Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dreaming of Hilzoy

Last night I had a dream that FosterAbba took me to her friend's house. The friend turned out to be Hilzoy, whose writing at Obsidian Wings I really admire. Hilzoy turned out to be a woman I had met at a conference years ago and since I already had met her, FosterAbba didn't really introduce us. It was frustrating because I couldn't remember her name. That of course is oddly appropriate since "Hilzoy" is a pseudonym and Hilzoy periodically writes about why she doesn't use her real name.

Hilzoy didn't like me.

She had read my blog and all she said was, "I don't get that extreme naturalism you are always defending."

And I was very sad.


  1. Truth is, I don't know Hilzoy, nor have I ever visited her blog before today.

    In real life, I think my friends would like you, so you don't have to feel sad.

  2. Hilzoy's the best part of ObWi, and I'm sure she'd be in full sympathy with whatever naturalism you want to defend.

    How does one attack naturalism?

  3. What is naturalism, much less extreme?


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