Friday, May 01, 2009


Tonight Brian and Gary's drama class is putting on their version of the Lion King. The songs, apparenty, are public domain. The play itself is not, so the teacher wrote a script that uses the songs and is sufficiently different that she thinks the school is legally safe.

The boys agree, because they say it is just awful and barely makes sense. They performed last night and Brian said it went better than he expected.

"So you worked out the kinks?"

"No. It is permanently kinked. But it didn't suck as bad as I expected."

The boys insist that we not go. It is horrible, terrible, embarrassing. We should not see it.

On the other hand I think they want us to want to see them perform so much that we will attend over their objections.

I'm feeling tired and cranky and want to stay at home, but I think we will go anyway. Maybe afterwards we can take them for ice cream. It works for congratulations and consolations.

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  1. Not being a fan of Disney (but admittedly enjoying their music LOL), I think I'd probably enjoy this version better, especially if its more of a farce type play.

    FYI, I'm blogging again. (You said to let you know LOL) if you're bored. I haven't decided how much to blog about foster care yet, but we'll see.


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