Friday, May 15, 2009

the results, well sortof

The woman ultrasounding me said that she couldn't tell me if she saw anything unusual, until she was measuring the cyst on my right ovary. The largest number I saw come up on the screen was 4.5 cm, which my googling tells me is big but not "OMG! WE MUST DO SOMETHING" big.

My uterus looked like it was a normal shape to me and I didn't see anything that looked like fibroids (based upon my hasty google-images education). On one hand I don't see any reason to trust my judgment, but still, it seems to me that if there were big ones I should have been able to see them.

It took me a little while to realize I should be paying attention to the numbers she was typing. It is possible that I missed something -- really possible -- but after I started paying attention she didn't type any numbers below something like 1.2 cm. That is past the threshold my doctor indicated for a biopsy (again assuming that I remember correctly), but I am feeling more calm about the possibility.

If I need one I still want to ask them to just do the hysterectomy and then they can biopsy the uterus as much as they want after. My mother says that they probably would want to do the biopsy first.


  1. Still thinking of you, keep us posted!

  2. Yup, I've had cysts that big that went away on their own with no lasting effects. Hopefully that will be the case with you too. Sending good thoughts about the rest of it!

  3. I'm glad they didn't find anything major. *fingers crossed* everything else is fine.

  4. My daughter ended up in the ER once (we thought appendicitis) and it turned out to be a ginourmous cyst exploding. We got to see it on the ultrasound, kind of in progress. Extremely gross, I might say.

    She had some spotting too- bright red, like from a cut. They were very unconcerned. She got some painkillers and was sent home. Periodically she complains of a repeat performance, but they aren't concerned. PCOS runs in the family.

  5. Uterus memoirs. I wonder how the story will turn out?


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