Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Well I'll just assume it's enough

So a while back Roland mailed in a pack of papers for our re-licensing. We haven't heard anything.

I few days ago, actually last week, I emailed the family developer and asked Roland and I had satisfied the yearly required hours seeing as I had 80% of what is required and he had 60%. That's 140%, right? I've never been in this position before. Normally we have 3 to 5 times as many hours as required. This is the first year in a long time that they haven't had some day long required training that satisfied most of it.

Anywho, she responding copying the new person in the office who apparently is supposed to be dealing with this and asked her to see if we had enough.

I haven't heard back.

So our license expires in about 6 weeks and if I need to get in some more hours I would sort of like to know so that I can maybe do something that would be at least a little bit interesting. I'm frustrated. I've never even met this new person. All I know about her is that she hasn't responded to this email request and she kept asking Roland for a copy of his driver's license after he had already sent it. Now if I knew her, had reason to like her and have confidence in her, these two things wouldn't matter at all. We all make mistakes. I've made worse, recently. But see, all I know about her is that she is the new licensing person and she has made these two mistakes.

I reassure myself though that they are not going to take Gary away. The very worst thing that could happen would be that they would give me a license contingent on doing something within a few months. They did that one year when Roland wasn't current on CPR. He actually went most of the year without getting it done.

grumble, grumble


  1. so, you decided to renew afterall?

  2. I was never considering not renewing this year. Gary has two more years here. We will also get renewed next year. It is after that that is question.

    Yes, I debate issues that are years away.

  3. Paperwork, yuck!


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