Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good Mother's Day

So, I got a CD of Brian's class singing "You are my sunshine" and a crock pot, but it is a really cool one so that is okay. We went to see Star Trek at my request, because I am a nerd from way back. Prior to the movie we saw previews for two separate action movies based upon toys, a third directed by Tim Burton, a fourth in which our heros travel through time to the land of lost toys everything, another one that takes place in a museum, and I am pretty sure there was a sixth, but I can't remember. By the time the previews were over I was worn out with fight scenes and explosions, which was too bad because the movie was full of them. Other than that though, I really liked it. The actors who played the characters of my childhood did an excellent job of playing younger versions of them without seeming like they were doing impressions. And for those of you who are wondering how they can make a prequel without being inconsistent, well I just have to say, "Have you seen science fiction? I mean, you do know how easy it is to mess up a time line and create an alternate reality, right? Okay then."

Evan went with us. We got some quick dinner after and both Andrew and David called me. Carl called in the morning, and Alice, Andrew's girlfriend even called to say Happy Mother's Day.

Really, Mother's Day is the best when the kids are older.

****Warning to all male persons, female parts discussed below*****

All the activity helped distract me from the fact that my uterus is pissing me off. I'm seeing my family doc on Tuesday who will probably send me to another doc who specializes in troublesome uteruses (uteri?). I sat down and had a firm talk with her (the uterus, that is, my family doc is a guy). I reminded her about what happened to the gallbadder fifteen years ago. I wouldn't take this crap from the appendix and though I acknowledge a debt of gratitude for past services rendered that only goes so far.


  1. I was disturbed by the space time continuum of having old Spock and young Spock in the same place.

  2. Old Spock meeting Young Spock didn't bother me. You only get a paradox if you assume that the continuum is static or can be preserved (assuming that preservation is desirable) by minimizing the exposure of the earlier point in time to the later one; since it was already established that the course of time had shifted twenty-five years previously, the elder Spock no longer knows what can accurately be called the future, and the only real question either Spock has to ask is whether any personal information the elder Spock could impart to the younger one would still be relevant.

    And Sulu rocked. I bet George Takei wishes the original series had given him a chance to kick some butt like that.

  3. I've been totally afraid to see the new Star Trek movie. Cheesy though he is, I don't know how there could ever be another Capt. Kirk besides William Shatner.

  4. I'm so not a sci-fi person. I'm totally lost and tend to fall asleep during the movies. As a matter of fact, Jenniebee's post lost me at "paradox" in line 2. Oh well....

    However, between you and Baggage and ya'll's personification of the lady-parts, I laughed quite hard. Thanks!

  5. squeak4:32 PM

    I am not a really fan of the original Star Trek (mostly due to the fact I find it painful to watch Shatner). I am a big ST:TNG fan, as Patrick Stewart kicks ass. I was not expecting to like the new movie. I ended up really enjoying myself. I only found the actresses that were cast as Kirk's mom and Spock's mom to be odd choices.

  6. My husband was too distracted with Reading requirements he just found out he needs to do by this week to keep his Teaching Certificate up to date to really do anything for me; Jamie is 3 and she made me a card at school. Guess it could improve when she gets older.

  7. Oh I can't wait to see the new Trek movie. I too, am an old Trekkie from way back. Glad to hear you had a good day!


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