Friday, May 22, 2009

Alice's Graduation

Today was Alice's (Andrew's girlfriend) graduation from high school. Andrew of course could not be there as he is still at college far away. So we went. Not that we wouldn't have gone anyway, but we went especially for Andrew. I wanted to make him feel like he was there. I know he was excited for Alice, but at the heart of it all it was a high school graduation, and high school graduations are... well ... high school graduations.

We have something of a family game...count the cliches. So I decided to text as many of them as I could to Andrew. It turns out that it is a lot easier to count if you aren't trying to typing them.

I wasn't really planning on doing this, but then I heard that Thorn missed her graduation. So this is for texts to Andrew. [Oh...stuff in brackets is just me to you]

Me: Wanna hear all about Alice's graduation?

Andrew: Mostly I just want to hear about Alice.

Tough. I have to sit through the speeches so do you.


So we are here with her family. Room looks the same.

Ppl r taking the reserved signs off faculty rows and sitting there.


I gave Alice's mom a card for her. (gotta go to B&G's belt cermony)


Yeah. I didn't give her that photo you said not to. but I found another one of you in superhero underwear and a blanket/cape.

There's more than one?

Yep. I didn't give her any pix of you naked in the tub tho.

Thanks for that.

Wait! You gave it to her MOM?

I told A's Sis to tell A to open it alone.

Good...cause there was no 'and her entire family clause'

[when A was four he asked me to take a phot of him in his "superhero costume." I agreed but only on the condition that I could someday give it to his girlfriend.]

Ooo. band is playing.

[send pix of gynomous US flag lowered from ceiling]
stand up and put your hand over your heart.


Grads walking here.

[send blurry pix of tiny robed hatted figure]
That's her!!

You sure?



ooo.. class vice president speaks ... most important day of our lives ... first day of the rest of our lives ... today we go into the world ...

Missed one. only 4 cliches!

My class wins!

That's just the first speaker.


Here comes the class prez.

learn from the past. prepare for the future. live in the present. today is the first day of the rest of their lives.

That's crazy talk.

shoot...I fell behind.

ooo. cool... she's going to read from Dr. Seus' Oh The Places U'll Go


She's crying while reading seus.

that's not good.

student body prez up now.

didn't she just go?

That was class prez.


We have shared memories ... lots of playground stuff ... middle school group colors ... some teacher who lost a finger ...

It was hard, but it was worth it ... relationships to last our lives ... High School is about growing up ...

beginning of the rest of our lives (didn't we hear that already?) ... oh lordy, she's crying too.

that's not good

Intro of student speaker. She's wonderful. drill team. college. very cool.

In 1918 a soldier in WWI sees friend dying

You're kidding.

No..shut to keep up.

Wants to rescue. does. friend dies. he might be dying. but worth it cause they said goodbye. so stop whining about the recession (I paraphrase)

ur high school has a dedicated chem teacher, did you know that? He's just like that soldier.

If you can help just one person. life is a gift. dance in the rain. believe in yourself. believe in something. help a stranger.

oo soldier again.

the world is waiting for us. Our future depends upon what we do today (got that? TODAY.) life is a precious gift.

Okay. it is over.

yay. I think they beat us on cliches

madrigals will sing. at least they won't cry.

they sing good.

Principal presents class. He loves them all.

He lies.

Me on dad's phone...mine died.

okay...a little obsessive tho

Appreciate the mommy

I do! I do!

Superintendent accepts the class (we missed most of the principals talk)

really, it's okay.

next the mayor.

uh oh.

did you know this is the first day of the rest of their lives? The mayor is proud of them all. the city is proud of them. they will do great things. today.....

shoot. it's all cliches. I can't keep up.


oky... hey! he's done. It was short and he didn't turn into a demon snake. all good.

well....that's good.

now they walk.

good. can you see her?

yep. want a blurry photo? thanks.

OK. your girlfriend is a high school graduate. her Sister did a video so you can watch it.


welcome. off to see your bros get their belts.

okay. later.

You don't want details of that?

not really. tell them I said congratulations.

and that's it. If I had a scan of that superhero photo I would so post it. Maybe later.


  1. Ok. Too funny. "He lies," "Appreciate the mommy," and the Buffy reference had me laughing out loud.

  2. OMG you are way too funny!

  3. Ohmigosh, we had the same class-prez-cries-over-the-reading-from-Dr.Seuss at my nephew's high school graduation! Is this Dr. Seuss reading some kind of a graduation trend?

  4. How cute is that? I do love this age of technology.


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