Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kindle: Stealth Reading

The Kindle brings some unexpected (at least for me) advantages. There is of course delight of instant gratification, and the related joy of receiving a book you pre-ordered the SECOND it is available without having to go to a bookstore.

But there are other things too.

Say for instance that you are a fan of the Mary Russell books and a new one comes out at midnight on Monday (which is actually the first second it is Tuesday, but that confuses poeple). You of course would be good all day on Tuesday. I was. I taught. I went to meetings. I graded. And then I went home just a little early to read. Wednesday it was more difficult. I put the Kindle into my bag telling myself I would only read it during my lunch hour. In the hour between classes and in the afternoon I would grade, of course.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to read and grade 50 discussion questions when your favorite heroine may be in mortal danger? Really, it would be just rude to leave her there, suffering, while you grade. No, the ethical thing would be to read.

Of course colleagues and students did drop by periodically. I put down the Kindle and before they could ask said, "I think Peter Singer's new book might be a good one to use for Intro next year."

They responded with something like, "Peter Singer's book is on the Kindle?"

"Why yes, it is" I answered, and then then of course quickly asked them how I could help them.

So I finished the book during office hours on Wednesday. I read it so quickly that I know I need to go back and re-read it to catch all that I missed.

I'm thinking though that maybe I should read Peter Singer's book first.

You know, in case anyone asks me about it.


  1. now that sounds just like me and a new book by a well loved author! Steve Berry and David Baldacci do it for me, and James Ptterson'n Women's Muurder Clud series. I went in Target for some of my favorite bowls Monday and left with the new Baldacci and Patterson, guess whay I've been doing this week?

  2. Umm, yeah, you're going to have to read Peter Singer's book now. And I think I'm going to have to purchase a kindle.

  3. My Zen (mp3 player) is broken right now...and I need to know whether the anti-virus has been found!!! DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!

  4. Hannah,
    Oh no! can you listen via your computer?

  5. Well of course you should re read it. As a public service of course.

  6. G got J a Kindle. Oh my stinking heck that thing is so addictive and I am so jealous. Hoping someday I'll be able to share with her. Right now it's too new and therefore too much fun so it's rarely out of her sight.

  7. wait! your kid has one and you don't? that's just wrong.

  8. Did you hear about the large format Kindle. Here is an article.

  9. Carmel,
    Yes I heard. It would be cool if it did textbooks.


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