Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazon Rank

Amazon Rank

It's a Google Bomb

More fun than a petition

I don't know if it works as well if it is part of a post instead of a regular link on the side bar, but for some reason I am having trouble accessing my sidebar stuff from this computer.


  1. ... I got all outraged, signed the petition, wrote to amazon, put a google bomb on my blog... then started to do some research. It has all the markings of a troll attack.

    Sigh. I need to get the wax out of my troll sensors.

  2. I agree that it is likely to be the result of a troll (or similiar) attack on Amazon. I've been reading different articles about it too.

    There were authors of GLBT books who experienced this as far back as February, so Amazon has had time to figure out how to respond to this. So though I am not as furious as when I thought it was a policy decision, I still feel comfortable holding Amazon's feet to the fire until they fix it -- and I hold them responsible for failing to come up with a solution to this when it started two months ago.


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