Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Pillows

Gary is going to Frankie's house for Easter.

Odd, but true.

Frankie, you may recall, is now living with Gary's previous girlfriend's grandparents who do therapeutic level care and got licensed for my agency in order to take Gary. Gary and the previous girlfriend have been hanging together and are just friends. Really. 'Cause Gary is dating the cutest girl in school and he doesn't cheat.

Anyway, they do up Easter in a big way and Gary wants to go and I said yes.

I was sitting around with Gary and Brian this morning, talking about the Spot Spotter I got, which is an expensive hand-held black light that illuminates urine so you can be sure to treat all of the doggy's messes. Sadly, it also illuminates many other things, like milk and who knows what all. I used it in the kitchen and if I thought it only illuminated blood I would think there had been a slaughtering in there.

And then Gary said, "I want new pillows."


"Well, it just reminded me. [Friend] told me what her grandmother found in Frankie's room and I want new pillows."

So I sent a text message to Roland who was going to a store to buy whipped cream, napkins, paper towels and maybe a bottle of wine telling him that if he is going to somewhere like Walmart he should get Gary two new pillows.

I REALLY should have thought about that and thrown away the pillows after Frankie left. I feel pretty bad about it.


Update: they took the Spot Spotter and used it on the pillows. It is always possible that Frankie spilled a lot of milk on them...

Although I don't recall that he drank a lot of milk...

We took the pillows out to the trash.


  1. Wise place for those pillows to be....

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Oh my. I will never look at pillows the same way again.

  3. Plain ol' drool will fluoresce under a black light, too.

  4. That's really gross. Abba, even if it was plain old drool, that's still disgusting.

    I want a black light. Second thought, maybe not. There was a messy death in my house WAY before we owned it, but I would certainly need to move if I had a black light...hey!...I want a black light!

  5. It wouldn't do for a black light to come in to this house! Being the Queen of grand statements I would have the remnants of a fine fire in my back yard even as we speak! I would have burned those puppies up as soon as I realized. I didn't know Frankie was out in the wide world again, when did this happen? Better yet, is this a good thing?

  6. Uh... ewwww. I have a love/hate thing with our black light. I really am traumatized by the amount of pee the boy makes in all the wrong places.


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