Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm just not that into it...

I've had the application to be re-licensed sitting at my home work station for two months. I haven't signed it and sent it in. Of course I am going to, but well, I just haven't got around to it.

I also haven't gone to the insurance agency and asked for copies of our home and auto insurance to send to the foster care agency or taken the letters to the doctor's office that he needs to sign documenting that he can't think of any good reason why we shouldn't do this.

I haven't done hardly any training. For the past 8 years I've always had more than I need. This year I am counting reading a book (which is allowed, but sort of whimpy). I'm going to have to ask and if we each have to have the hours (which we've done in the past) or if we have to accumulate the total number of hours between us -- cause with that I could count the four hours Roland spent at CPR/First Aid and the two hours I got for going to a support group meeting we might actually be done. If we each have to do the hours then I need four, and Roland needs a BUNCH.

Roland has been really exhausted recently and is taking a personal day to rest. I got very excited and asked if he could run the errands to the physician and insurance agency. I was sort of scummy or me, because he is tired and wants to rest. On the other hand I have done it every year for close to a decade (well seven years), so it feels fair. He said he would do it. of the end of this month I owe three months worth of monthly reports. Yeah.

It is sort of their fault. Well, it isn't but it sort of is. See, we went to this meeting (or I did, not Roland) where they asked us for suggestions on the reporting form. We all agreed that the current form was stupid, confusing and should be changed and all the parents gave some clear suggestions about what it should say and the social workers seemed to agree. The form I thought we designed would be a whole lot easier to fill out and every time I think I should get my paper work done I think, "Well, maybe the new form is about to come in the mail."

Also if I get to the 20th I can't make myself do a late one because I am just going to have to do this month's in like 10 days, so I might as well be another 10 days late and do them at the same time.

And now you are probably surprised that I am only 2 months behind.

I think.

Yeah, I sent one in at the end of January.

Sometimes I go years and never get a single report in late. And then I have a year like this.

I wonder what would happen if I sent in one form and up on the top where it says "Month ____" I wrote, "Feb, March, and April 2009."


  1. It's kind of like sending in mileage reports at work. It used to be so easy to send in several months' worth at a time. But now they have cracked down, and we have a deadline, or no mileage reimbursement. *sigh*

  2. Just fill one out and photocopy it without the date. Each month just fill in the name that month. (I am so lazy!)

  3. So are you gonna stop? Are you thinking of quitting?

  4. We certainly would not quit as long as Gary needs us, so two more years minimum.

    I don't know if we could let our license expire as he graduates....

  5. I have deliberately postponed reading this, because it's too close to home for me. What is it that makes us hesitate -- and you've got an aweme agency!


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