Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's see...did I tell you Gary got the job in The City that I wasn't excited about him getting? Yeah, well, it was offered. It is rather confusing to me. Anyway, we are being phenomenally unhelpful. He has to figure out transportation, has to stay in school full-time, and can't fall behind on his grades. I don't think it is possible, especially the transportation part, but he is on it.

I wrote to the social worker and told her that I thought kids learn a lot by attempting the impossible and so didn't want to tell him no. She seems okay with that.

She picked him up from school yesterday for a "get to know you" visit. Gary's previous social worker is now the supervisor of workers and Gary has Frankie's worker. So I know her. Which is good because when I got home yesterday the house was a disaster, dirty dishes, paper, junk everywhere. I of course got myself a glass of ice tea and sat down in the comfy chair to read my new novel.

In my defense it wasn't any ole new novel. It was The Language of the Bees, the new Mary Russell novel by Laurie R. King which I have been anxiously awaiting for months, nay a year. I wasn't going to put it down for dirty dishes.

The social worker did not hide that she was glancing around and seeing the mess. She however was more interested in my Kindle. She really liked it, when she found out that 1. you can send documents to it and 2. it will read aloud I think she was hooked. Her exact words were, "So when my daughter sends me 30-page articles she has written and wants me to read them I could have the Kindle read them to me while I drive?" Okay, so that doesn't quite sound like, "I'm going to buy one now" but you didn't see the look in her eyes. She also sort of shrugged when Gary warned her about how expensive it was.

The boys last night announced that they had to have long sleeved black shirts and black pants for school today. Failure to do so would result in undefined horror. I grumbled at them a bit and then sent Roland out to do it, which was entirely reasonable since he had to leave the house anyway to go to a meeting and I told him he could get a fast food dinner.

That meant I had the house to myself for three hours.

I really did take a break from reading to start the dishwasher.



  1. I've been known to read novels I've been waiting for ANYWHERE and under ANY tucked away in my pencil drawer at work (past job) so I could hide it quickly should anyone come in or maybe with the house falling around my ears...heck...I've LET the house fall around me if the novel is really yeah...dirty dishes can definitely wait!LOL

  2. THIS is why I love you, do you know this?

    Because knowing I'm not the only terminally bookwormish woman out there managing to survive and thrive despite a book addiction keeps me sane.

    Thank you. LOL There is significantly less guilt when you know you're not the only one.

  3. don't tell, but I finished reading the book at work yesterday during office hours.

    One of the benefits of the Kindle. As far as my colleagues could tell I might have been reading a book in my field...maybe even one of class.

  4. I am totally on your side for forgetting all else while wrapped in good book. My children have been neglected in a mild fashion sometimes for a good book. I just don't see anything wrong with that!


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