Friday, April 10, 2009

Crime and Punishment (update)

Poor Brian.

Yesterday one of his friends came to school with his hand bandaged and told them that it happened when he punched the wall at his house.

Today same friend got called to the office in the morning and said to his other friends, "Well, that's the police come to arrest me for vandalism." He didn't come back.

For the rest of the day the circle of friends engaged in anxious conversation about what would happen to him. Gary, having experience in these things, reassured them saying that he probably wouldn't have to spend more than a week in detention. This of course freaked everyone else out even more. Stories circulated about why he was so angry. The father hadn't paid child support in months and the mother couldn't pay the rent. They found out they were going to be evicted and had two days to move out.

And he didn't punch a wall at home, he broke a window at the high school. He broke it by kicking a rock. No it was throwing a rock. No, he punched his fist through the glass.

Brian came home furious at delinquent dad and not wanting to talk. Gary was philosophical. It would do the kid good to spend a week in detention. I reassured Brian. He had never got in trouble before. His mom would be allowed to take him home.

Text messages flew. People texted the arrested boy and got no answer. Of course not, they don't let you have your cell phone in detention.

Meanwhile our juvenile delinquent sat in the back of his mother's car, listening to his iPod, going through the mountains where there is no cell phone service, on his way to Grandma's, totally unaware of the panic his little joke had caused.

Brian finally got in touch. Friend thought it was funny.

Brian decided revenge was necessary. Texted him telling him that Gary is really, really angry and is going to kick his ass on Monday.

Brian reported friend was terrified.

Brian was pleased. Gary just shook his head.


Don't you miss high school?

Update: Brian took pity and sent a pix/text to the non-delinquent. The pix is Gary making a funny face. The text is "Gotcha!"


  1. What drama!

    I'm not looking forward to a's high school years. But first we need to survive middle school...

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM


    You might want to edit the Chinese comment, above. I think it is an ad.

    (a faithful reader, though I rarely comment)

  3. Thanks Coolmom. I saw it earlier and intended to and then forgot! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. This was really funny. I good reminder to me not to get all worked up because there is always so much more (or sometimes even far less) to the story.

    I seriously LOL at Brian texting that Gary would be doing some ass kicking!

  5. Kids. I seriously chuckled though, that was funny.


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