Sunday, April 12, 2009

Would it be sacreligious to use a Easter reference?

David's alive. It was tempting to title the post "he is risen."

So back in February David moved out of the apartment with the nice young woman friend* and in with his boyfriend. This is the same boyfriend that we met on Roland's birthday and with whom we had the family photo taken. We like him VERY much. Roland even told David, in front of the boyfriend who I suppose will have to have a bloggy name, "Don't mess this up, David. He's a good one."

ANYway, David moved out and in with the boyfriend. David reports that the roommate changed the locks on the doors for no reason whatsoever. He is totally mystified by her irrational behavior. I'm thinking there is a piece of the story missing, but I also suspect that he is not ever going to tell it to me. I doubt he has told it to himself.

Anyway, he is sorry that he hasn't called in so long and gave me his new phone number. He is working at a video store now instead of the high end clothing store in the mall. He has to work today so won't be coming over. He and the boyfriend will come up on Thursday, which David has off. Brian and Gary will be around long enough to say hello before taking the bus to their class. Then the four of us adults will sit around, eat a grown up meal, and be civilized. There might even be wine.

About the boyfriend's bloggy name. I'm nervous that if I name him he will disappear. Silly I know. Still, if anyone has any names to suggest that I might consider just getting over it. "Jonathan" comes to mind, David and Jonathan being such wonderful love story. Still, it is a tragic story and though I don't have great hopes for this working out, a more hopeful reference would be better.

It is good to know he is alive.
*New readers should know that I liked David living with the woman just because, being a woman, she was no danger of becoming a romantic partner. This gave their relationship a degree of stability his relationships usually have. It worked -- for a couple of years -- which is longer than any of his other roommate/romantic partner situations have.


  1. "And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
    Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
    He chortled in his joy.

    This is very happy news :) I'm so relieved for you!

  2. You could always give hime a safe, generic, initial name. Thus not tempting fate very much. BF, Boy Friend, DB David's Boy, the list is endless! I like the way DB sounds together, even if David's Boy sounds reletively gross.


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