Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gary's Job, ahem

So Gary got a second interview for the job teaching martial arts in The City. The one where he wouldn't be paid until he got a black belt and the man who will be paying him after he gets the belt is the same one who will decide whether he gets it.

It is also a transportation nightmare.

I however have got better at not trying to solve kids problems for them. I am letting him see if he can figure it all out. If he can, then okay.

But this was supposed to be about the job interview.

In this interview he was to attend a class and teach the other students some things. Gary feels it went really well. He thinks he did a great job and that he was way better than everyone else there. He has more experience than anyone else. Years and years. He has this funny way of counting the years. Like he took some martial arts class at age 7 and now he is sixteen, so he has 11 years in that martial art. He got some lesson in another one starting 5 years ago, so that is 16 years of experience.

ANYway, it went very well. He is very excited. He had a conversation with the guy at the end who said some things like, "You would be teaching basics" which implies that he really would be teaching.

What really convinces him though that he is in was that at the end the guy shook his hand and said, "We will be in touch."


  1. Does this mean that he would get free classes while teaching? If so, and the transport can get figured out, it isn't a bad idea. Lots of the students in our school were not black belt yet, but were upper levels.

  2. Well yes, but he is already getting free classes.

    I'm just sitting back and waiting to see what happens.

  3. Intersting. A lot of my students think that just getting an interview means they have the job clinched. "We'll be in touch" would send them over the moon.

  4. I am just so impressed with your lassiez faire parenting. Well done, and I am sure there are some lessons in store for Gary.

  5. Please rent "The Foot Fist Way." Please please please please. Thank you.

  6. Sorry Phoebe. I'm not interested in martial arts movies in general, the fight scenes either disturb or bore me. I read a little about this particular one on Netflix and I see nothing about it that I would find interesting.


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