Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hi, I'm still here.

My mom is doing well. Sis is visiting with her. I'm not jealous that Sis is there and I am not. Really. And if I repeat that enough I will start to believe it.

The Cattle Dog's foot is getting better, although telling a Cattle Dog she is not allowed to run is torture. Didn't I tell you about the foot? Oh, well, no big deal. She hurt it. She limped. The vet gave her pills and said not to let her run for five days.

Evan is working out his situation. He is moving to "sunrise" shift, aka NIGHTS. It is the only way he could work full-time and go to classes. No comment.

I keep trying to find the full text of the the Rev. Wright's sermons. I found the full text of the Audacity of Hope sermon. I loved it. I see why Obama was inspired by it and why he will not disown the man who gave it.

Brian has decided to keep going to the Arts Charter School. I think it will be good for him, and I am trying to reconcile to the whole car pool thing. It really isn't so bad now that I have refused to do more than two afternoons a week. Roland does one, and sometimes two monings a week. We will figure it out.

Roland is learning to sleep with his CPAP machine. The machine is very QUIET, and that is not sarcasm. It really doesn't make hardly any noise at all. The pressure builds very slowly so that it is not very difficult for him to fall asleep with it. He does wake up in the middle of the night though, feeling like he just can't tolerate the machine. He doesn't always fall back to sleep easily. However even with half a night's sleep he is doing better than he did with 9 hours before.

I feel further removed from foster care. Wondering if they will call. Wondering if I should just move with my life. Oh, I'll keep my license, but I find I am beginning to think of myself not as someone who is "between placements" but as someone who used to do care. I'd like to do it again, but it doesn't seem like it is happening.


  1. Glad to hear all seems to be working out well.
    Cattle dog,
    Roland's apnea
    I personally LOVED Obama's speech,loved his honest acceptance of the anger and horror inherent in the issue from all races and thanks for the link I am looking forward to reading the pastor's speech.

  2. If you are feeling jealous, perhaps you should just take a few days off and go visit your mother anyway.

    I feel sorry for your doggie. I hope her foot heals soon, because I know there is nothing less fun that an excited, under-exercised dog running around your house.

    I hope the change in Evan's shift doesn't create other problems for him.

    As for Brian, I'm not sure what to say since I know how much you hate that car pool. Should I extend my condolences?

    I'm glad the CPAP is working out. Hopefully Roland will get used to it quickly.

    As for foster care, I can understand how you feel. I am very much starting to feel like a "former foster parent" even though our child is still with us. I'm feeling more and more pessimistic about our options and our future as parents.

    What we have decided, though, is that we are done being foster parents. Once things are resolved with this case, we will not be taking any more kids.

  3. I'm glad Evan has a plan. It is not clear when he will sleep with that schedule, but I'm sure he will figure something out.

  4. It sounds like things are coming together for you. I hope that continues to be the case.

    I must say, I laughed when I saw your foster care question as I just finished a post on that question. When do you call it quits? It's hard to know.

  5. We're waiting, too. Stinks. Hate being dependent on others.
    Hope Roland continues to get used to the machine. Cranky sleepless men are no fun. no fun at all. Maybe give him and the pooch a tylenol pm (0:

  6. Glad to hear Brian's staying at the Charter School. The 'can't come back thing' really bothered me. As for your mom, GO SEE HER! Not to put too fine a point on the obviousbut, she is well and has her mind. When spring break rolls around take off, quilting frame or no! Think back on my past month and go see your mom.

    Thus endith the lesson. ha

    I am now off to deal with the old man who had all his cash lifted out of his bedside drawer at Rehab. GRRRR

  7. Tell Roland he can get the machine adjusted. It shouldn't be bothering him - at least not enough to wake him in the middle of the night. Most folks need adjustment on CPAP in the beginning.


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