Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Dinner last night: steak, Snickers, popcorn
Dinner tonight: Raviolli, pumpkin custard

Such is the reality of wisdom tooth extraction. Andrew seems to be doing pretty well. He is a bit grump which catches me off guard because he is usually so easy going.

The Cattle Dog's teeth are okay. None of them are broken, just worn down. She was due for shots so it was good that we took her. Next the froo froo dog has to go for his shots.

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  1. Hopefully this won't happen to him, but I feel compelled to warn others: If the area where the tooth was remains painful, it could be a dry socket. Mine went on for four days before I happened to mention it to my boss who was familiar with the condition and rec'd I get it checked out. I had had no idea that 4 days of pain wasn't typical. Indeed--I had dry sockets on both sides and the remedy by that point took a few weeks! (And was horridly disgusting, as I'm one of those folks that find tea tree oil very disgusting. But it did work.)


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