Friday, March 28, 2008

Advice from my children

Dawn has a post in which she says she deleted something after her son advised her, "You know, when you get mad you can say, ‘I need to go work’ and just take a break in the cottage." In the next post she says that it sounds a lot like what she tells him when he is upset.

It made me think of all the times my kids have echoed me to me. Like my all-time favorite:

Resting on the sofa I pull off my glasses and let them fall to the floor. Four-year-old Andrew runs over to show me something and I stop him before he steps on them.

"Oh Mama, you should not have left your glasses on the floor."

"I know Andrew."

He looks at me with sympathy, sighs and says, "Well, you learned something, didn't you?"

What are yours?


  1. I hear myself in Slugger all the time. The other night he paused, breathed deeply, and said "I'm going to my room to cool off." That's exactly what I say and do. They can be little mimics at times. (Sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes not.)

  2. yesterday after sending one of my twins (Ethan) to his room, I was talking to Lane about the pros and cons of hitting out of anger, then I hugged him, and I asked him to go to his room but send Ethan down, after a few minutes neither came down, I went up to find Lane giving Ethan the pros and cons of hitting, then he patted him on the head, hugged him and said but I do love you.

  3. You are in Bime-out Bam-maw!
    (time out) I love Pea's cute little voice. She says things like I am going to three! Don't say no to me! She is darling.
    Little Man is big into copying these days, he makes me want to strangle him, it isn't cute at all! Funny what a decade will do to cute!

  4. Just this afternoon while I was trying to put away groceries, my little one, who was constantly underfoot, responded to my complaint, "Well you asked me to help, Little Miss-I-Get-What-I-Want."

  5. She kept dropping things and out of sheer frustration she scrounged up her face, stomped her foot and yelled "damn it all to hell" - yepp...not proud...not proud at all...lets just say I stopped repeating that particulary foul phrase!!! My neighbor said that she looked just like me when she did it too..same expression and inflection too.


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