Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sleep Study, Take Two

So the second sleep study was last night, not last week as I expected. Believing that he was going because the last time he could not sleep and they did not get enough data, he went armed with Ambi*n.

He slept.

They woke him in the night and put a CPAP machine on him.

They came back and put a chin strap on to keep his mouth closed so he would breathe through his nose.

Now he needs to make an appointment with the local doctor who can't make a diagnosis based upon all the data, but can prescribe a treatment, or at least talk about them, something. In any case, there's this other doctor he needs to see next.

Wouldn't it be cool if when he starts sleeping better he stops bringing home every single virus that passes through the school?

Because it is all about me.


  1. The saga of Rolands sleep apnea has been altogether too strange! Isn't there a real hospital with real clinic in big city up the road? We have one of those in larger town down the state road. of course the hospital is part of a huge health system, but still! They tell you when you get up if you have the sleep apnea, make you an appointment will rhe Fr. and the place to sell you the high dollar breathing machine. Test to delivery of machine is less than a week. Poor Rolands adventure is just so sad!

  2. Yikes! Sounds like he certainly does have sleep apnea. I hope he gets his machine but quick!


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