Tuesday, March 04, 2008

See...it's like this

My father called today during normal working hours and spoke to Roland who is home trying to shake off another virus.

My father told Roland that he (Dad) thought that I was angry at him because I snapped at my sister when she last tried to talk to me, and he wasn't sure I was going to go on the vacation this summer.

So I called my sister to ask if she knew what Dad was talking about. She said yes. He called a few days ago and asked her to call me and ask if I was going to go on the vacation this summer. She said she wouldn't do it because I had told her that I was getting annoyed at being asked that question. I had said I was going to go and I didn't want to be asked anymore.

So that is what she told my father, and that is why he called here when no one should have been home and told Roland that he thought I was angry at him and wasn't going to go on the vacation.

Um...did I mention that my father is drinking again?


  1. Fun, ain't it?

    My mom tells me the same stories over and over again -- all in the same sitting.


  2. we won't even discuss the latest installment in my tale of woe!

    really sorry your dad is at it again. i know it cuts deep.

  3. I'm so sorry. It is hard sometimes, like running into a wall over and over. I'll hold good thoughts for you.

  4. You didn't have to mention that he was drinking; it was obvious to anyone who isn't.

    Ugh. Family. Sorry.

  5. I am sorry. Feel a ((hug)) from all of us.

  6. I'm sorry. Wish it didn't have to be like this.

  7. One word.

  8. Yes Jo, you are right. That's why I called my sister. Whenever Dad tells us something about the other we always check in to get the straight scoop.


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