Monday, March 24, 2008

Moving Frankie

Well, his stuff anyway.

It is Spring Break for everyone but me. Roland is today taking the rest of Frankie's boxes, which have been sitting quietly in the spare room since he left, down to our agency. The book he wanted is in there somewhere. Roland will tell them which book it is and let them decide whether to go through his boxes.

I suspect that the phone call the other day was really about the book. All the rest of it was, I am guessing, about using up his allotted phone time. When he asked me what I would think if he got me on the approved visitor's list it sounded more like he was offering me a present, than requesting a visit. And when he asks if Brian is still afraid of him I am not sure if it is about wanting be able to visit here or just about not liking the idea that someone out there is afraid of him.

It is difficult for me to talk to him because I genuinely do not know what would be helpful to him. All the times he has made contact with us it has been in part about wanting something that belongs to him. The most cowardly part of me hopes that if I do not have his things he will not call me.

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  1. Letting go is hard, letting go gently with someone who misundertands is even harder.


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