Saturday, March 22, 2008

GirlSpeaks asks, "Which kids?"

GirlSpeaks Asks:

1) Would you take an FTM vs a MTF?
2) Would you accept a lesbian placement.
3) If yes to either, what would the stipulations be, and how would
they be different from the boys you've taken on. If not, why not?
I'm going to handle the questions all in one swoop. I was distressed a year or so ago when a social worker at our agency asked me if we would take a lesbian. It is frustrating because I keep saying, "GLBT" and people keep hearing "gay boys."

Our position is that we are willing to take any kid who needs a place that is safe with respect to sexuality. Years ago we were asked to consider a young man who first mother had come out as a lesbian. They had just begun to re-establish contact and they wanted him to be some place where he could talk sort out his feelings about that. He came to visit and we decided he wasn't a match, but it wasn't because he was straight.

And what stipulations do we have?

Roland is very clear that he cannot come home to the same sort of behaviors that he has to deal with in his special education classroom all day. So that means no hyperactive kids and no kids who need constant behavior management/redirection.

We've promised the bioboys that we won't take any kids who have a history of violence or psychosis.

I tell people that we are good with depression, manipulation, deceit, and passive-aggressive behaviors. We just need for them to be able to sit still.

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  1. Loved that last sentence...had to read it to my husband...made us both chuckle as that is pretty much what we are able to deal with too!LOL


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