Friday, February 08, 2008

Um....sorry about that

Last night I could feel that I was beginning to get worse, just a bit more sick. Roland had taken the day off and I knew he would take today too. Surely he was getting a little better.

I started with the rational approach, "I know you are sick. I mean we both are, and I am wondering if you could do car pool in the morning since you don't do it that much."

He laughed! He actually laughed and said something like "no way." It was like the funniest thing he had heard for a while. Then he was sorry because he had hurt my feelings, but not sorry enough to say he would drive. I pouted.

I woke up this morning and I ached. All over. I threw myself at his feet and begged, "Please, please do the car pool. Please let me go back to bed, please, please." Okay, I didn't say exactly that, but I wasn't much more dignified. He said he would and I expressed how deeply grateful I was.

Then he and Brian left.

Five minutes later M2's kid came to the door to ask what was taking Brian so long.

This morning wasn't our shift.


  1. That is worse than me forcing my dd with CP to stand at the door with her coat and back pack on for 30 minutes mumbling about the bus not coming and her legs being tired only to realize I told the bus not to come on Wednesdays b/c she would have AT. (We had to cancel AT b/c others were sick and this has happened 3 times this year, OOPS!)

  2. Hmmm...perhaps this morning was designed to help make your decision?

    Sorry that you are so sick. Get better!


  3. I guess the creeping crud is affecting your brain too? Sorry! But I did laugh, I hope you don't mind.


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