Thursday, February 07, 2008


I caught the crud from Brian and Roland. I don't feel as badly as they do, and I am putting myself to bed before that happens. I plan to spend all day tomorrow lounging in my pj's. Pj's have anti-viral properties don't they? Mostly I just have this constant cough and a headache which seems to be from the cough. Jo helped me to remember that a cold can aggravate my asthma and that I have an inhaler for that. I used the rescue one, the one that I don't like because it makes me feel jittery and don't use very often, and it helped. I still cough, but not every time I breathe. Yeah Jo!

At one point this morning I started an angst-ridden post about the difficulty of seeing the truth when you are too close and how I really don't think that Brian's issues are all or even mostly about our having done care, and that I don't really think that he is better because we are not doing care. I mean, I can give a very excellent argument for why that is just flat out wrong. And yet I don't entirely trust my own judgment on this and unfortunately I don't trust anyone else's judgment either. On this, I mean. I don't think that there is anyone who has enough emotional distance and detailed information (a difficult combination to acheive) who can tell me.

And that paragraph was supposed to be about how I got distracted and deleted the post and a good thing too, because really, none of you want to listen to me whine that much. Maybe I write about the dilemma of perceiving need sometime soon.

Oh..and just to make the whole Charter School v. Local High School dilemma very vivid -- it took more than an hour and a half to do the stupid car pool run this morning.


Blogger problems:
-Is the spell check working for anyone out there? I click on the button and nothing happens.
-Does anyone else have that thing where if you save a post and then open it later Blogger will have added an extra line between every paragraph?

Anyone know how to fix these things? I know about the blogger help group, I just thought I would check with y'all first.


  1. No spell check for me earlier today, either.
    Extra lines are often a problem for me - can't get them in, or can't get rid of them. It does help to switch to html sometimes, and make adjustments there.

  2. Spellcheck has been dead for several days now. For me not being native in english very very annoying

  3. I checked and the spell checker thing is a known issue and they are working on it.

    I couldn't find any information about the added line thing though

  4. I am glad my little prod was helpful. Having the exact same problem myself helped me remember.
    Nope, spell checker isn't working here either, much to my terrible, horrible spelling skillz horror!
    Get better soon. Little Man woke up with a cough and stuffy nose this morning, so I am praying I do not get it!

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  6. I'll check and see. My hard disc crashed and I just got back online last night.

  7. Same blogger issues here.


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