Saturday, February 02, 2008

Parenting Kids with RAD

When I come across a blog that I think I might like I add it to my reader, thinking that I will start reading and see if I "get into it." Sadly, there are too many blogs in my reader and sometimes I have a hard time getting a sense of who they are. This is, of course, one of the reasons I appreciate it when the blogs have a couple of posts in the sidebar that help new readers get "in" so to speak. When they aren't there, well, I try.

So, I have all these blogs in the reader, a bunch of which I don't really know very well. So every now and then I decide to go to one of them and actually read it, starting from the beginning. And sometimes I am amazed and humbled.

That's what happened when I decided to read Tudu's at Finishing Off My Family. It is an amazing story and I strongly recommend that you start at the beginning. Plan on reading the blog over a couple of days. Read it like a novel. She will summarize the story of her first adoption, and then as you go you will read as they are matched and with a sibling group of 6. A group of kids who include several with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

When she was describing the kids before they moved in and stated that more than one of them was diagnosed with RAD I thought "RUN! Are you insane woman? RUN! RUN! RUN!" I confess that her confidence that she could parent these kids seemed to me to be naive beyond belief.

But she does parent them, and there is nothing naive about her.


  1. I've been reading her for a long time. I LOVE her and wish I could sit down for tea and somehow absorb a wee bit of her awesomeness. She and her hubby are an amazing pair, and her kids are so lucky (I know that's not PC to say) to have her. ANY kid would be lucky to have her for a Mom.


    ps I feel that way about you too, Yondalla!

  2. Hehe, Tudu was the one who made me aware of this "blogging" thing. She posted on a bit while I was still looking over there while we were being certified, and she had a link to her blog in her profile. Very glad you went back to the beginning of her story.

  3. Tudu's blog is a great read. She is one of my favs. It is so nice to be able follow along with the joy and pain of adopting a large sibling group. Go read it!

  4. Yondella actually you had a side post from her blog that attracted me to her blog a couple weeks ago and I did read it like a novel. She is amazing! How can she parent those kids with such patience and love!? She (and you Yondella) amaze me. God bless you and others who can embrace the really challenging kids. It makes me a bit embarrased that my husband and I chose to adopt my daughter as a baby from foster care. However we got what we could handle and I am truly convinced that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. (Guess that doesnt say much for our parenting abilities!)

  5. I am glad so many of you have already read her. Here I imagined I might send her new readers!

    You know Martha, I was thining hte same thing -- that SHE takes the hard kids. I can't imagine living with a rager who needed to be restrained. Heck, I can't imagine taking a BABY. Babies are work!

  6. After having such a hard time lately, it was so great to stop by here and see people saying such wonderful things. Thank you all!

    Yondalla, you sent me more than a few readers, try over 1000 in a day between you and Big Mama. I better get busy over there to keep entertained.


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