Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I complained to Roland that he doesn't listen. He says he does.

This quarter all my classes and meetings are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I know I told him at the beginning of the quarter. I have had this schedule for over a month. I have come home those nights and complained about how tiring it is to have everything stacked up in two afternoons, so why don't we just have pizza or can everyone just get themselves something to eat?

Early in the term he had to get Brian when he was sick, or claimed to be, because I wasn't answering my cell phone. "I know," I told him, "I don't take it to classes and meetings. I won't be answering my phone Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for this whole quarter."

I asked him to arrange for the person on car pool to drop Brian off at his school two different Thursdays so that he could take Brian to appointments since I am busy all afternoon.

When I went away for the meeting last week I commented more than once that it was a shame it was on Thursday and I had to cancel class. I debated whether to get a guest speaker and decided against it.

And yesterday he told me he finally made this appointment we both needed to go to. "I couldn't remember your schedule, but they had an opening on Thursday afternoon, will that work for you?" Pause. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

It's a sleep apnea thing, right? He will be better once he finally gets treatment, won't he?


  1. Ohhh, if it makes you feel better to think so, then yes. It will get better.

  2. how's that sleep apnea report thing coming along? I think they've lost it myself!

  3. Perhaps you each mean different things by "listening" - he may be giving your his (focused) attention, but may not retain details over time; he is still listening. You are expecting that "listening" involves retention of information over time (which I will hasten to add I do not find unreasonable!).

  4. You may be right, Parodie. I know that I try really hard to listen when he tells me about the details of his job, but they don't stick. He will tell me that some kid had a really hard day and I will have to ask if he is talking about the kid they had to buy the $10,000 toilet for, or is it the one jumped out the window last week?

  5. It's the husband thing I am afraid. If yours gets better when he gets his apnea treated, I am going scream unfair!

  6. Nope no improvements in sight. I truly believe it is part of the husband deal. Hubby will swear up and down that he didn't know anything about whatever. I will point out that not only did I tell him but it is also on the big 3' calendar in the kitchen. You know, the kitchen he is in and out of 12 times a day, every day!

  7. Like bacchus, I use a big calendar in the kitchen too. And a smaller one that is right over his computer. And sticky notes. And I tell him.

    Nothing works. Blech.


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