Saturday, February 23, 2008

So Trina it is

Just because of all the suggestions it seems to best fit the girl sitting in the chair on the other side of the room. She is petting the Cattle Dog and watching a comedy video with Brian. The movie is J*ck*ss, which I hate at so many levels I cannot even explain. However, Roland loves it and watches it with the kids. I don't always understand this man I have married.

Trina was discharged from residential treatment program yesterday. I don't know her history, and probably never will. All I know is that she has been getting some pretty serious treatment and left there to move into a brand new foster home. She did not go back to wherever it was she was living before, which of course makes me think about Frankie, who will not come back here after he gets out of his center. Mandy agreed to take her, but needs a place for her to spend tonight while she is off at a wedding. (Olivia and Sara are not here because they went to the wedding -- whoever is getting married is part of their biological family too.)

Anyway, I have told Trina that she could pretty much watch as many of my DVD's as she wants. Because she is brand new she is not allowed to leave the house without us, can't spend time on the Internet without being closely supervised, and can't call anyone on the phone. She spent maybe 16 hours at Mandy's before coming here for 24.

Life should not be like this for a 16-year-old. I told her that she doesn't have to be cheerful, that if I were here I would feel pretty annoyed and uncomfortable. She said that she isn't very annoyed, but she is usually sort of shy with people.

***This interruption is to annouce with great joy that Trina does not understand why anyone would find J*ck*ss funny and has asked to watch one of the Jeff Dunham DVD's. Yeah!***

Anyway, Brian is being the excellent host, as usual. He really is good at this. He still seems like a kid to these teenage girls and he is charming and cute. And he loves it when I decide that there will be no limit on the watching of DVD's.


  1. Good for Trina! I can't stand that movie either. It's not much different than being a toddler fascinated with bodily functions ... but they're grown men.

  2. My DH loves all that crap, too. Do they ever actually mature? Mine has beautiful grey hair coming in on the side, he has the old guy belly, and he has small wrinkles around his eyes yet no sign of an adult anywhere.


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