Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shouldn't we both be working? (updated)

Well, since we aren't working, here some blogs of some recent commenters that are worth checking out. I'm publishing this with some anxiety because I am sure there are other people with wonderful foster-care blogs who have commented and aren't here. My apologies. Please feel free to introduce yourself and your blog in the comments.

Busy Intersection
Torina has been blogging for a couple of years, although I have found her just recently. She has a daughter adopted from foster care and is investigating doing it again. Definitely check this one out.

Reflections on Foster Care
Janine has been doing foster care for 16 years in Australia. You know, where we all dream of living when we are having terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Also where foster parents are "foster carers," termination of parental rights and foster-adoption just don't exist, and they have something called a "permanent care order" instead. Janine has written all of three posts and I don't normally like to promote a blog until I am a little more confident the blogger is going to keep at it, but she's in Australia.

Cupcakes and Conundrums
Sassy is also a new blogger, although we're talking a couple of months and a bunch of posts. She too uses the phrase "foster carer" but she is also talking about adopting from foster care so maybe she just likes it. It's a cool phrase, and so is she.

Crayon and The Foster Care Excursion
Carmine Crayon has been blogging for a couple of months, but hasn't posted anything in a while. She is new to our little insane world of foster care. In fact I believe the ink isn't dry on her license.

A Room in My Heart
Lovurlife has all of four posts, and they are all in January, so we shall have to wait and see if she continues blogging. I hope she does. She has adopted from Ethopia and is now looking at domestic foster care. (Update: she has posted today!)

Now...go check out the blogs and then everyone get back to work.

Live Fully, Laugh Often, Love Deeply
Chelly left a comment and I followed her profile to her blog. She is in the Australian Outback -- the real one, not the restaurant. She has been blogging for a year and a half, but only decided last August to investigate foster care. She is about to start her training 6 months later, sound familiar to anyone? Now, she is talking about adopting from foster care (and China), so I guess things vary depending upon what part of Australia you are in. One of these Ausies needs to write us a post explaining the sitch to the Yanks (and whoever you all are) I am sending to their blogs. Oh, the link above is not to the whole blog, just to the ones labeled "foster care."


  1. Hey Yondalla, Thanks for mentioning my blog! I started the blog a few years ago, posted about 2 posts and forgot about it until last fall when I needed an outlet for what I am doing with foster care/adoption. I am in the middle of an intensive research project on Minnesota's foster care to permanency system or lack thereof. I am also an adoptive mom as Yondalla mentioned. We met my daughter when she was 10, she came home at 11, and she is nearly 13 already. Time flies when you spend it all screaming :) Kidding. She is a great kid. We are foster parents who are currently waiting for our next placement and also considering adopting again. --Torina

  2. Just HAD to step out of lurkdom to thank you for the link to the Australian blog! :))
    Although I haven't read it yet, I am looking forward to a bit of 'local' content!
    We are actually a long way from Melbourne, in a country town in Western Australia, and brand new to this fostering adventure. We are 8 months into long term care for our 6 year old boy.
    And all I can say is thank goodness for bloggers! I have learned SO much. Thank you all.


  3. Yondalla,
    I posted a bit of an update. I've been in a waiting funk. I hope to have more news soon. I got sick of reflecting on waiting.

  4. Thanks! I love finding new blogs.

  5. Hey thanks for linking these esp the australian one as it is so HARD to find info Australia!!

    we are waiting to be approved! Training this week!!! YAY after a 5 month wait to get this far!!!

  6. Hi! Thanks for mentioning my blog. I've actually been blogging for 4 years now but have only recently come out of my passworded blog after being hounded by a crazy stalker a few years ago. We've also recently stopped trying to conceive and have decided to adopt instead of continuing with further infertility treatments.

    We are in Australia which is why we're foster carers although it's only been about 12 months since we began and our first placement was a disaster so we're not sure it's something we'll continue doing.

    We're looking to adopt through the infant adoption program where we hope to adopt a newborn who remains in foster care for 8 weeks before the adoption can legally take place.

    You can't actually adopt a foster child in our area. Instead you get a permanent care order which gives you guardianship and other rights.

    But due to the lack of newborns available for adoption (about 20 a year per state) and the lack of understanding about permanent care, the majority of people who adopt in Australia adopt internationally.

    It is different state to state but I have heard the new government is looking to create a nation wide system to make fostering and adoption easier and more straight forward, especially for people moving interstate.

  7. Thankyou Yondalla for spreading the word of my blog. Now that I'm finally blogging after thinking of it for a while, it will be nice to have a few readers! I hope my Aussie perspective is interesting to all those who look in on me....I guess fostering anywhere has it's similarities, but systems definitely have their differences, Janine


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