Monday, January 14, 2008


Question: What is worse than living with a guy who don't put the seat down after?


Answer: Living with a guy who doesn't put it up to begin with.

Altogether now: Eeeewww!

And it is not somehow my fault for not looking. There are some things in this world that one should be able to count on, and that the seat will, at the very least, be dry is one of them.

I have to take a bath and change my clothes.


  1. I think you may have accidentally set foot in MY bathroom. Sorry about that...we are working on it. In fact I just heard Dear Husband having "the talk" once again.

    "I am so sick and tired of wiping up pee!!!" can be heard in my house almost everyday!

  2. Oh, that is beyond nasty! Yuck!

    I hope you went and found the culprit and made him clean up the mess. If it were me, I'd ban males from my bathroom.

  3. AMEN! There is nothing quite like getting up in the middle of the night to that lovely, cold, wet surprise.

    For awhile, we had a rule that both lids had to be down after using the bathroom; that way, everyone had to lift up the seat.

  4. I'm almost afraid to comment but I think men always look because we always assume that other men are aim deficient.

    No defense or explanation I can offer matters when your backside hits that cold wet spot.

    Parents with sons, remember if you teach them to pee sitting down you avoid this problem altogether.

  5. Just for the record, I DID teach my sons to sit to pee. Then they go off to school and see that other kids stand, so they stand, and then it spreads like a really bad virus throughout the whole house.

    One day last year I was so fed up from stepping in toothpaste and sitting in urine that I banned all children from MY bathroom and made them all trek upstairs every time!

  6. I to taught my boys to pee sitting down, but forgot to tell the babysitter who was very excited to tell me that she taught me son to pee "like a big boy!"

    And of course, most of my boys come to me with habits both good and bad in place.

  7. If you are still interested - I wrote a post about why the children at the orphanage where I am need parents, not saving, on my blog. It's a little convoluted and rambling but I hope it about gets the job done!

  8. Cheerios help.

    I think we have some in the back hallway...


  9. Cheerios do help, but if you pee standing up in sunlight you can see how much of the pee ends up in the air, on the wall, inevitably on the toothbrushes! Even if you have perfect aim with the seat up. Ewwww.

    Forget about delurking day, just post about pee and I'll comment three times.

  10. See Evan! I KNEW that was why you were talking about Cheerios! I was right!!

  11. Yes the jig is up.

    The sinister gay man has used a mere breakfast cereal to cause such strife in Americas heartland.

    Innocent Observer's comment has now prompted me to pee in the dark while using the upstairs bathroom in the hopes that it wont get all over the toothbrushes.

    I'm getting so much out of this..

  12. Wow! At least Little Man has the excuse of his coginitive delays and the autism. Ask Roland what his excuse is??? Unless he did it in the middle of the night, and with the sleep apnea, it does make one loopy I understand, in which case I guess that IS his excuse!

  13. Does this post have the most comments? LOL Who knew pee and toilet seats would cause this much controversy.

    Evan.........I don't even know where to start. LOL From one gay man to another. Keep it clean. Peeing in the dark is never a good idea. Trust me. It can be a bad experience.

  14. Apparently just about the only thing that generates more comments than pee is announcing that your cat has anyway.

  15. I used to live in a houseful of males.


    Been reading back through your posts. I hope they can fix Roland's sleep problems.


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