Monday, January 21, 2008

I should not have to be at work anyway...

The furnace in my building isn't working. It wasn't working all weekend. So it was cold in the building.

So we called the kind physical plant people who brought space heaters and plugged them in. Then they called the furnace guy who turned off the electricity, and therefore the space heaters.

I'm working at home the rest of the day.

Oh...and I have laryngitis from my "rescue" asthma inhaler. This might be fixed by use of a plastic tube called a "spacer." It really is just a plastic tube. Okay, one side is designed so that the inhaler will snap into it, but other than that it is just a plastic tube. I called the pharmacy about it. My physician will have to call in a prescription in order for me to buy one.

Good thing, huh? You wouldn't want those things being sold on the streets.


  1. No kidding! Who knows what kind of unholiness might happen if just ANYONE could get ahold of and use a spacer.
    Good thing you got sent home, the cold doesn't do you a bit of good.

  2. well with remedies like that who needs conditions.

    I'm glad that those dangerous semi-tubes are regulated. More dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol. sigh!

  3. I'll have to tell you, as offspring of not one but two parents with nurses licenses, and one who went on to become a nurse practitioner, that there's probably some drug company money making scheme behind the burucracy.

  4. You DEFINNITELY need a spacer if you are using an inhaler as often as you seem. Coming from an asthmatic, you will see a DEFINITE change in the way it works too. It will be much more effective. I can't believe you didn't get one initially.

    This winter as been havoc on my asthma!


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