Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blog Roll

A blogger, "steph," left a comment on the last post...a good one. She's a foster parent and former CPS worker. An interesting combination.

I haven't read much of the blog, though she's been blogging for a couple of years. It looks like she just got licensed as a foster parent this past summer. I just found her. I considered not saying anything about her until I could read the and tell you how cool it is, but I have stuff to grade a letter to write. So I decided it was better just to make sure you all knew about her. The blog is The Princess Shine Pages.

If any of the rest of you are foster parents, adopters from foster care, social workers, foster care alumni and want to be on the blog roll, let me know. I'll update it soon. If any one knows of blogs kept by parents whose children were or have been in foster care, I would be very interested in adding them too. I haven't stumbled across any.

Update: if you leave a blog address, be sure to say something to let me know that the content is relevant. I get those spam comments from people I know nothing from. You know, they say either "It was great talking to you the other's the address I told you about" (this from people I've never heard from) or "I've been reading your blog and find it really interesting...Would you return the favor and look at mine?" Something like that. I delete those, without clicking the link, as soon as I see them. So if you are leaving an address for a blog that I might actually want to read, please be sure to tell me that it is a foster care blog, or whatever. Of course most of you do anyway. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for the post! I hope my blog lives up to your expectations (0:

  2. Hi Yondalla,

    we won't be posting about it yet, but we will be foster parents sometime this year probably :).


  3. I stumbled across your blog quite a while ago, but I've not had the guts to leave a comment till now.

    I noticed you are a GLBT foster parent... and I was wondering if they asked you that preference, or if that's merely what you told them you'd take?

    I am hoping to step into the foster care system as soon as I can set up house for it, and GLBTQ children hold a special place in my heart.

    I basically just wonder if you have your beginning story posted somewhere... or if you wouldn't mind posting about how you got started, and why... and how you ended up serving GLBTQ children and if that presents any special challenges...



  4. Hawk,

    Take a look at the side bar under "Get to Know Us." You want the post "How it all started."

    IF that doesn't answer your questions, feel free to ask again!

  5. To view my link, go to:

  6. Islay,
    I read it, and thought it was very good. Didn't I leave a comment? I meant to. Please leave us the link again.


  7. I have been reading and occasionally commenting here for quite a while now, and I've finally started my own blog. I'm a foster parent and soon, an adoptive parent. I'd love to be added to your blog roll.

    My blog is


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