Saturday, January 19, 2008

Evan Going Back to College and Other Updates

Now that the rest of us have been back in school for two weeks, Evan is off today to move back into the dorms.

He is also sick. He rarely if ever gets sick. I love him dearly, but the rest of us are not sick and just a little tiny part of me is relieved that he is taking his germs to the dorms. Of course is if he said he wanted to stay here another night I would say yes. I'm tempted even to offer. I don't think I will though. He was the first up; I was second. As I sit here in my robe, drinking my tea, wiping sleep from my eyes and writing to you, he is carrying suitcases up to the front door.

It is easy to let him to this time. No big deal at all. He is, after all, just going 25 miles. I'll give him some cold medicines to take with him.

I've been using my inhalers for a week, and am doing much better, although I do need both inhalers. Some sources say that full effectiveness of the daily "preventer" inhaler comes after seven days, others at two or three weeks. Whatever. I'm doing better tolerating the jitteriness and nausea the other "rescue" inhaler causes. Having a couple of crackers to eat when the nausea hits is nice. I need to use it before I, for instance, walk across campus when it is below freezing. Burying my face into my coat so that I only breath warm air can work, but that not if anyone falls into step with me and wants to talk. I need to get a second humidifier though. I took ours to the office, and it helps too. Now I need one at home.

So, in short, I am doing well.

Roland's Apnea:
Well, we are still waiting on the diagnosis. It has been almost two weeks. He has been doing a better job with pillows to keep him sleeping on his side, which helps. He does not feel guilty for being tired and is at the same time very frustrated at being tired. This lead to Brian sighing the other day when Dad was napping again, and saying, "When is he getting that breathing machine thing?" I showed him a picture of the mouth piece that some people use, but he is inclined towards the machine. One more week.

Andrew did the afternoon run yesterday! Yipee! The other parents did not seem to care. Andrew is the most cautious driver of the lot of us. It looks like he will be having a early schedule, meaning he will start at 7:00am and get off at 2:00pm. We are seriously considering letting him drive himself to school in return for doing all afternoon runs. He seems to like the idea, all that adult responsibility and all. Well, that and the fact that it would mean that the old mini-van would be in his possession a good bit of the time.

Yesterday's run went without a hitch. After they dropped off the other kids Andrew took his brother into a coffe shop and bought them hot chocolates and a brownie to share. Now that is high quality brotherly bonding time!


  1. Way to relieve the mommy guilt! The Pea has strep, much to my dismay. Can I send them to your house? I don't even want to think about what will happen if Little Man gets it.

  2. being dutch the words coffe shop and driving don't go well together I had to remind myself that you americans drink coffee there ;-)


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