Friday, January 25, 2008

I can...

AidelMaidel challenges me to do an "I can" exercise. goes. The rules are that you have to type as much as you can think of in 15 minutes.

  • I can make a good cup of tea
  • I can write better after I make it
  • I can explain difficult philosophical concepts like Kant's transcendental unity of apperception
  • I can explain Aristotle's concept of virtue so that a teenager will think it is relevant
  • I can grade like a demon when I need to
  • I can help students to write really good essays
  • I can set up a blog
  • I can set up a course site in Moodle
  • I can teach my colleagues the basics of Moodle in about an hour
  • I can answer most of their questions about Moodle.
  • I can hand piece a quilt top
  • I can hand quilt a quit, although I usually tie them
  • I can knit an afgan, scarf, or baby sweater
  • I can knit an adult sweater, though it is unlikely to fit the adult for whom it was intended
  • I can solve a difficult sudoku puzzle in 15 minutes, sometimes
  • I can do difficult logic problems
  • I can let a child deal with his own consequences
  • I can talk to a gay teen boy about sex
  • Even the embarrassing parts
  • I can talk to other teens about sex
  • I can deal with lying far better than I thought I could
  • I can parent with rarely imposing consequences
  • I can take a sick sort of fun out of creative consequences when I need to
  • I can teach children to do many things
  • I can cook a decent meal
  • I can (finally!) make clouds and snow
  • I can not escalate even when a kid is trying to make me
  • I can detach with love when I try
  • I can clean and light the pilot light in a gas oven
  • I can change the filter in the furnace
  • I can fix the innards of a toilet so that it will stop running non-stop for a while
  • I can clean a clogged drain
  • I can sew a simple outfit
  • I can admire other people's gardens
  • I can get angry
  • I can cry
  • I can be civil even when I don't want to be
  • I can sometimes write things other people want to read
  • I can type too fast for things like this meme
  • I can read an essay quickly and give students helpful feedback.
  • I can shut up and listen, when I remember to
  • I can often help people brainstorm solutions to problems
  • I can teach my sister how to do very basic things on the Internet over the phone
  • I can let things go and not let them make me crazy
  • I can worry like nobody's business
  • I can watch a movie or TV show and find symbolism that my kids will be certain I just made up
  • I can make a plan for a trip
  • I can read a novel in a day
  • I can use a jigsaw and an electric drill with confidence
  • I can shovel snow
  • I can ask for help
  • I can bake bread
  • I can comb out a ShihTzu
  • I can figure out problems
  • I can diagram an argument and tell you if it is valid, strong, or fallacious
  • I can do that with Venn Diagrams or truth tables, or deductions as appropriate
  • I can research
  • I can get very passionate about causes
  • I can lobby state senators, even though I hate it
  • I can mentor others
  • I can love people who make me crazy


Your turn.


  1. GREAT LIST!!! I love IT!!!

    # I can get angry
    # I can cry
    # I can love people who make me crazy

    especially those. I know watcha mean sweetheart!

  2. Thanks for the great list!
    I love it!
    You sound like such a strong and loving person!


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