Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The high cost of plastic

Seeing as I am convinced you all are fascinated with my asthma...

Today I avoided cold air and use of the more irritating inhaler by sending Roland out to warm up the car and walking with my coat collar zipped and pulled up to cover half my face. I looked silly, but golly, people, it was 16 degrees outside when I went to work.

Anyway, I have a choice. I can drive to my physician's office for the cost of one gallon of gas, resultant damage to the environment, and 45 minutes of my time and pick up a free spacer, OR I can stop at the pharmacy on the way home with my prescription and buy one for 20 bucks. As you can see, plastic tubes are very, very expensive.

Driving to the physician's office would also provide an excuse for cancelling a department meeting at which we are all supposed to report to each other how much work we have each done on the department self-study document. I have a sneaky suspicion that no one really wants to 'fess up.

What to do, what to do...

Hey...anyone out there use a spacer and two different inhalers? You can use the same spacer with two different inhalers, can't you?


  1. My daughter uses the spacer and has two different types of inhalers. It should work.

  2. cathy3:20 PM

    i use two different inhalers, what is a spacer?

  3. Your health is more important than your departmental meeting. Go see your doctor. You are very sick, you know. Asthma is serious stuff.


  4. it should be fine as long as both inhalers have the type of opening that fitst the spacer. i've yet to find one that didn't but i suppose it could happen.

    a couple of tips:

    attempt to breathe slowly and evenly when using the spacer. some even make an annoying whistle sound if you are going too quickly.

    wash it out sometimes. otherwise, eww.

    and for the lack of voice...if you are on a steroidal inhaler (non-rescue one), rinse your mouth out/gargle after each use. it will help. i guess the steroidal ones can 'shrink' or 'medicate' or ??? the vocal cords. i was told to rinse...but really i thought the vocal cords were down farther. what do i know?

    good luck

  5. No, you can not use the same inhaler for two different medications. Of course I only said that because I want to see you run out again and buy another one for 20$ and waste gas too. Ha ha.
    Ask your doctor? The drug guy behind the counter at the drug store, pharma something, I can't spell it.


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