Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My new spacer

Cathy: this is what my spacer looks like:On the right end there is a hole that the inhaler fits into. There is also a little air vent.The left side is the mouth piece. You stick it into your mouth. Got it? Okay, so you push down on the inhaler while you breath in slowly. The puff of medicine does not hit the back of your throat. Instead the mist hangs out in the spacer and you just breathe it in. More medicine is supposed to make it into your lungs and less irritates your voice.

Wen: I do rinse my mouth and even gargle after using both inhalers, especially the steroid one. It doesn't seem to be enough. Of course I am inclined to laryngitis anyway.

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  1. That's way fancier than my daughter's! Hers is just a clear plastic tube, but it does the same thing.


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