Friday, January 04, 2008

Olivia and her sister

Mandy and her husband had to leave for a funeral and Olivia is back -- this time with her eleven year old sister, whom we shall call "Sara." Sara is sweet, and ... eleven. That is so young for me. She giggles a lot.

Olivia is totally parentified. At 9:50 she gave Sara a "10-minute warning" and at 10:00pm announced that it was bedtime. "Yes, Sara. It is. Put down the game controllers and come to bed." Olivia doesn't act or sound like a bossy older sister; she seems like a conscientious young mother.

It is sweet and sad at the same time.

I don't know if Olivia is quite like this when they are at Mandy's. I doubt it, at least not to this degree.

Olivia though has had a rough couple of days, from what I understand. I think intensively caring for her sister is helping kep her distracted.

I think.

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