Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Taking Gary On Vacation

It was just plain fun.

Did I tell you that Gary had never gone on a vacation before? Not like this anyway. His family had "done stuff" together and he had travelled, but he had never packed to leave for a week where the point of it all was to "be on vacation." He really enjoyed himself. He just had fun.

We took a different route back that allowed us to stop at two different natural wonders. I would tell you about them in detail, but then you would be able to guess where we were and I am so secretive about that. He loved it. He was fascinated. He took lots and lots of pictures. I had thought that I had got him all the electronic equipment he could want, but I need to get him a camera for his birthday or Christmas.

I took some pictures of him, but he insists on putting on this bored teenager face for photos. He quite literally never looks like that except when he is posing for pictures. He has this great smile. He may be having a wonderful time, and if I pick up a camera he strikes the pose: crossed arms; bored expression; eye brows slightly lifted. It is like trying to take pictures of a teenage Derek Zoolander. Different expression, but just as ridiculous. I remember Carl did the same thing. I remember that I sat down with him and told him that I knew he was trying to look mysterious and deep but really he was just looking sullen.

Gary isn't ready for such harsh language though. I may have to work hard at getting a stealth photo of the real him. I just need one.

Ah, but the point of this post was that I really enjoyed taking Gary on vacation. It was fun seeing someone having so much fun.

He even made friends with the Shih Tzu who he previously thought was only annoying.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how you can still experience a "first" with a teenager? I wish all the people who won't even consider adopting or fostering older kids because they feel they "would miss out on so much" could know. There are so, so many firsts -- no matter what age a kid comes into your life.


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