Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back to real life

My big accomplishments yesterday were sweeping the kitchen floor and getting through all the posts on my Reader. Really. I was really exhausted. There is something wrong when traveling home from vacation makes you more tired than when you left.

Today though I need to make myself get into the swing of things. I have to finish piecing Andrew's quilt. I really, really, do. I also have to do real work like prepare for my courses in the fall. The living room carpets desperately need to be shampooed, but I might just pay Gary to do that. He loves to clean -- or perhaps he just cleans compulsively. Either way, he will do it.

Still, I must work. Time to get up and go.

By the way, Andrew did not get the job at the grocery store. He has not got any job at all. It is really difficult for him to put himself out there. I know, we all have to do it, but I know he isn't lazy, just anxious. He is also a terrible liar. That is mostly a good thing, but when people tell him what his future plans are he tells them that he is leaving in the middle of September to go to college. It does not help. I have sent him to the temp agencies hoping they can find something for him. I don't know what will happen though.

Though I have told him that if he doesn't get a job he won't have any spending money I have promised him that I will make sure he has enough money to do his laundry without having to steal from fountains. I wish I had the ability to give him his first job. None of his friends have been able to find jobs either this summer. I don't know if they are all that bad at looking for them or if jobs are really that difficult to come by.


  1. I don't know how old your son is but I have a 15 year old son who anxiously awaiting the day he can begin to look for a job. At the moment he is expressing interest in learning how to repair small engines (lawnmowers, etc.) as well as car engines. I think that is a great thing to learn and also an effective way to earn money while still in school. Unfortunately, nobody in our family knows anything about engines!!! Oh well, I am encouraging him to check out the internet as well as the local bookstore. I'm sure there is a book "car engine repair for Dummies!" I hope your son as luck finding a job.


  2. Julia wasn't able to find a job for the summer either. She has finally decided to open an Etsy store and sell some of her artwork so she will have some money when she leaves for school.

  3. It could be a combination of both...jobs are a bit more scarce but I've also know that "selling yourself" plays a big part. My niece is really smart and also doesn't shy away from work but has a hard time during interviews...my sister in law has been doing mock ones w/ her to get her to lie...ahem..accentuate the positive and gloss over what they don't need to know!


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