Friday, July 04, 2008


FosterAbba here, posting another update for Yondalla:

Last night my nephew bunked with Brian. We are staying in the two bedroom cottage. Brian and Gary share a bedroom, Roland and I another. Every bedroom is equipped with full-sized bunk beds. In the other house, my sister shares a room with her two daughters. The caretaker and her granddaughter are in another, and my nephew and my father are in the third. Gary finds the puppy's noises irritating and so has been sleeping on the sofa. This worked well for my nephew. It seems that my nephew has tired of the reek of pot. I asked Brian if he minded. He wanted to know why, but once he did he said of course.

Nephew is difficult to live with. Roland thinks it the result of too much isolation from other childredn, particularly boys. Sis thinks it is inattention from his father. In any case he can be difficult.

For instance, yesterday the boys went fishing. Nephew shared his fishing things. Both boys managed to catch one fish. There was some confusion in the catching of one. Seems the lines were tangled and Nephew was surprised when the fish was attached to Brian's line. I guess by the end of the time he had quite convinced himself. He told Brian that if he did not hand over the fish he would tell everyone that Brian had stole his fishing equipment. Brian came into the house, angry, telling us that Nephew tried to blackmail him for the fish!

Sis talked to nephew. She said that she really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, and just asked him what had happened. Nephew cried and protested that the fish had been caught with his equipment and Brian had stole it.

Sis apologized to Brian for it. Brian had nearly forgotten that Nephew is almost a year older but is much shorter. Brian has come to treat him with the combination of patience and irritation he would normally display towards much younger childen. I guess we all do. It is easier to pretend he is ten. He just does not act almost-fifteen.

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