Thursday, July 31, 2008

MIL Makes Dinner

FosterAbba here, posting another update from Yondalla:

Years ago my MIL used to make me crazy. She has mellowed as she has got older...or maybe just got tired. She no longer buzzes around, tisking and redoing everything. I do in many ways love her deeply, but she can still be aggravating.

On our second night here she cooked dinner. It is a recipe my kids love so much that it has become a regular at our house. She knows this.

She prepared the dish, put it in the oven and told me that it was very important that it cook for a full hour. I said okay. She started to leave for her cottage but seemed worried. She got out a piece of paper and wrote down that it should cook for one hour at 450 degrees.

Then she left. I remembered that she and my FIL both have become very dependent on a schedule of meals, snacks, and on time. I asked Gary to call on the intercom and ask, "What time do you usually eat dinner?"

MIL responded, "We eat at 6:30, so the chicken needs to start cooking at 5:30. It won't take too long for the oven to heat up, but you should probably turn it on by 5:20. I already got the broccoli cut and ready and it won't need to be turned on until 6:20. I will be over in time to do that, so you don't need to worry about it. I will take care of the noodles too, but it is very important that the chicken cooks a full hour so don't forget to turn on the oven at about 5:20. It will be okay if the chicken cooks a little long ."

Gary stared at me. I said, "Just say thank you." He pushed the button and did. He then said to me,"Don't you know all of that?"

Yeah. I know. She knows I know. I was glad to realize it just doesn't irritate me like it used to do.

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  1. I must not be as grown up as you Yondalla as that kind of stuff gets me crazy! My mom and one of my friends does that all the time. Or they will question. "don't you keep the lid on when you boil potatoes?" (No and I don't no matter how many times you ask me!) or "don't you wait for the water to boil before you put the corn on the cob in the pot??" (No I don't, not this time, not last time and not next time!!)


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