Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Overheard Conversation

This morning I asked Gary and Brian to unload the dishwasher, telling them that I would reload it. A bit later Brian came to sit in the living room, and I could hear Gary still in there.

"Why are you here when Gary is still working?"

"He's putting dishes IN the dishwasher, Mom. I told him that you said you would reload, but he is just doing it anyway."

I gave Brian a look.

Tonight was Gary's turn to cook dinner. After I asked Roland if he would help Brian in the kitchen. He said yes and as I walked out I heard Gary said, "I'll help. I don't mind."

To which Brian replied, "No! You have got to stop doing this. Don't you see you are making me look bad? The more you do the more she will expect me to do. Just stop!" Brian said it with a sense of humor, but also real aggravation in his voice.

Gary laughed and told me after that he wondered how long it would take Brian to complain.

I'm beginning to wonder how much Gary might be enjoying goading Brian this way.

I don't think I mind.

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  1. You have all the luck. Why can't anyone in my house get into a pissing contest over housework???


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