Friday, July 04, 2008

Doing Well

Once again, another update from Yondalla:

Gary is doing well here. He is very happy I think. He spent most of the day yesterday making the perfect walking stick. He climbed a tree, chopped off a branch with a hatchet, used the same hatchet to cut off the bark. Tomorrow he says he will roast it in a fire, scrape off another layer of wood, sand it, and maybe stain it. It will be his souvenir.

Gary told my sister today about how spoiled he was with us. Sis laughed and said that Gary would never want to leave us. I smiled and and that that was not true. If they called and said he could go back to his dad, he would hand over the cell phone and pack. I said something about expecting him to stay in touch, cell phone or no. Gary, perhaps wanting me to feel better, said "I will, but that will probably never happen."

It was sad to hear him say it. Although I think I am also relieved that he understands the reality of his situation.

Yesterday (or more since it is after midnight? I do not know) Gary said that this place was fantastic. All it needed was a hot tub right at the edge of the deck. This past evening I gave Dad a list of things I thought the cottage needed: steak knives; a serving platter; a folding table and chairs would be nice; Sis wants a vaccuum cleaner; and, oh yes, Gary says there should be a hot tub.

Gary smiled uncomfortably and protested that it was only kidding. I winked at him and said I was too.

Dad however replied that he had a hot tub at home he never used. Did we remember from our last visit? Would we really use it here? He would bring it up. Poor Gary was so embarrassed as we all assured him he would.

I'll have to warn Gary later that there is only a 50% chance he will do it.

Although as Roland has recently pointed out numerous times. he did get around to building this place.

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  1. I think that sticks; the poking, whittling (sp?), etc. of sticks are one of the most fun things about camping/summer fun. My son still has at least two from his younger days. Glad Gary's enjoying himself; I'm glad he's experiencing this.


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