Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We leave when?

If you had an early morning flight, as in you had to leave the house at 4:00am, would you even bother going to bed? The boys say they are just want just to stay up and then sleep on the planes. I think I might take a pill and go to bed really early. Of course if I really take a pill it will be difficult to wake up. Maybe I could just take a little piece of a pill.

I wonder how much time I really have to have to get ready in the morning. I know that people don't dress up to fly these days, but probably a summer nightgown is a little too informal.


  1. I used to travel for business and often had early morning flights. I'd take a shower the night before, get the car packed with everything but the necessities, have a grab-and-go breakfast ready, and some casual clothes to slip on when you wake up. It will take you 20 minutes to get ready, tops.

    Now as for the rest of your family... well, good luck with that.

  2. Since I'm usually packing the night before, I usually opt to sleep on the plane. My old job had me flying a lot so I got used to sleeping on flights.

  3. I think that depends on whether you wear a bra with your nightgown...


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