Monday, July 21, 2008

Boring Goodness

I feel that it is important that I blog today. So much of doing care is difficult and emotionally exhausting. It is rewarding, of course. Those of us who blog often do so to deal with the difficulties. I have "talked through" any number of challenges with my children here. Often just in the writing I come up with solutions just by writing. Of course those of us who blog generally hope that our blogs are useful to people considering or starting care.

So we write the difficult and the painful. You, the reader, hear about rages, cutting of school, drug addictions, manipulative behavior, and the heartache when a child leaves.

And yet, it isn't always like that. Sometimes it is just quiet, ordinary goodness.

You want to know what our big event was yesterday? We took the boys shopping for clothes for the in-laws anniversary party. Nothing significant happened. They boys found clothes they liked in my budget. Gary got what I am pretty sure is his first pair of dress pants. He was quite pleased at how he looked in them. Andrew picked out some button-up shirts. He got one fitted dark blue shirt in which he looked really good. I mean, just one hair cut away from dashing.

And today? Well today Gary just got back from an almost-date. The mother of the girl he has been text-messaging constantly, who goes to the charter school he is hoping to get into, took the two of them to play miniature golf. Gary is pretty sure he passed the mother-test.

And I find I can't really make a whole story out of it for you, and yet I feel I should blog it, because this too is what parenting a child from foster care is like. Sometimes, a lot of times, it is just ordinary days, with a pretty ordinary kid, doing ordinary things.

***And, Maggie, I didn't have that "waiting for the other shoe to drop feeling" until I wrote this post. Please everyone KNOCK ON WOOD.***


  1. Hooray for the ordinary days!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I try to always put in a lot of the good, lovely times with Slugger on my blog. I tend to want to write when things are rough -- it's therapeutic. But on normal days, the urge doesn't always strike me.

    Whenever I do write about the little joyful moments, I do worry about that other shoe. It doesn't always drop though. I don't think blogging about the good is a jinx!

  3. I wanted to follow a link from another post of yours (now that I'm here I'm actually unclear on what that link was to someone else's blog but I don't remember why you linked to it so it will be hard to find. anyway). So I search on Yondalla. I don't know if you want to give away the background, but let's just say I love it! (Unless, of course, that's not the reason at all and you made it up and had no idea.)

  4. AnnMarie,
    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!

    Background on what? Are you talking about the pseudonym "Yondalla"? Andrew gave it to me; it is a D&D goddess. She's all benevolent and good.

  5. Knocking and smiling. :)


  6. I knocked! And thanks for posting.

  7. I'm back!!. Somewhat.

  8. Consider it knocked, but I do love hearing about the ordinary wonderful too. Gary is lucky to have you guys. And visa versa.


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