Monday, July 07, 2008

His Mom

Gary googgled his mom. He found his mom's aunt who gave him his grandfather's number. He in turn told Gary where his mom is. He is very excited. They have been in touch on and off throughout his childhood. It is complicated, of course, how could it not be? Still, he is excited to have found her again.

I'm happy for him, and as always, worried that he will get his heart broken. There is something to open and trusting about Gary. He is so ready to forgive everyone and everything. He just wants his family back in his life. All of them.


  1. Family connections are so fascinating to me; the bond is so strong, even in cases where the people haven't even met. Of course, this is natural, and even good, most of the time. Other times, it's sad. I hope in Gary's case, it's brings him peace.

  2. Gary and his mom have been in touch on and off throughout his life. I don't know much of the story at all. The last time they communicated, says Gary, was a little less than two years ago.

  3. I had a fd, Stephanie, that was like that. She was willing to forgive everything just to have them in her life. Her mother raised her little sister and left her in foster care b/c she called the police on her all those years before. At 18, she left our home to join the Army, she made sure to have life insurance for her sister and an aunt that was her age so they could go to college. She died in a car accident shortly after that and her mother wasted the money, no one went to college.

  4. Two thoughts.

    One I thorougly enjoy hearing about Gary and your experiences. You really inspire me. I hope some day I can help children in need as you have. (Right now my life is so full with my job and my own sons and my housing would not accomodate someone).

    Two, it is indeed amazing how deep the familial bond can be even in light of horrible abuse. I have a dear friend who survived OUTRAGEOUS physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her parents. She was taken from them by the state, spent her teen years in foster care, yet still always missed her mom. She is so incredibly forgiving I cannot fathom why or how or even being that way. But it is indeed there.

    She is now a grown women with two children of her own and still visits her mother and talks to me about how badly she wants a relationship with her mother.

    Deep inside me, I pray that my daughter might someday feel the same way. (And we have no issues of foster care or abuse).

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog.


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