Saturday, June 14, 2008

A spattering of updates

Today we went to Pride. Gary spent most of the time with his friend and her moms, which was cool. We saw lots of people that we haven't seen for months, made a dinner date with some, and introduced Gary. A couple of people said, "Straight? He's straight? How did that happen?"

They were teasing us of course.

I spent the day at the agency's booth telling people who picked up the literature that the agency was really wonderful. Lots of people picked up brochures, but I think only about half of them understood what they were picking up, and most of them were just curious. Half a dozen people were genuinely surprised that they were there. This is, after all, a very red state.

We took the Shih Tzu with us and he really was quite good. So good in fact that we are contemplating taking him along with us on our vacation to the cottages-by-the-lake. I think it will be fun to have the dog along, and it will be easier for Andrew who is staying behind to work.

Speaking of which...Andrew, after several weeks of avoiding turning in job applications, got a call back from one grocery store the day after he turned one in. He has an interview on Monday. The store is open 24 hours and the job in question is night shift: 10pm to 6am. He's young, he can halndle it. Teenagers stay up all night anyway, right? The point though is to make money.

I've finished all 64 blocks of Gary's quilt. Tonight have have begun to sew them together. I will give you a photo when I am done.


  1. Anonymous3:59 AM

    ha, last year i worked the night shift at a 24-hour grocery store, too. AND, i /also/ got an interview the day after i filled out my application.

    funny that!

    although, it was safe to say that the night shift there /wasn't/ in high demand by potential employees. maybe that's why i got the job so fast!

    oh, and totally.
    even some twenty-year-olds stay up all night long, anyways *guilty koff*... .

  2. Funny.

    Regarding Andrew: I worked that exact shift when I was his age and took college courses. I loved it!

  3. Happy quilting!


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