Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News of the Day

A very large evergreen tree next to our driveway decided that it was tired and is now leaning at a 45 degree angle. Just a bit more and it will fall on the house. Okay, the tree didn't so much get tired and come lose in water-logged soil. Roland called the only tree removal guy in town and said that he would like an estimate. I laughed out loud. Our alternative being what? Wait for it to fall on the house? They are coming in the morning.

Gary loves having a bus pass. All that freedom after eleven months in a very strict group home. He's fun to be around -- he is still having so much fun. Everything is exciting. He can open the refrigerator any time he wants! He can ride his bike around the neighborhood! Get any movie he wants from Netflix! Whoo Hoo! He makes me giggle.

I got the batting for Gary's quilt and decided to pre-shrink it. It is 100% cotton. I had a total brain dead moment and let the washing machine agitate and totally ruined the batting. I went back to the quilt store and bought another. The woman said, "You decided you need more batting?" I said, "I don't want to talk about it." She laughed. I also bought some spray adhesive for quilts. It is supposed to replace basting. A friend of mine whom I haven't seen in ages was at the store and she confirms that the stuff actually works. Now I have to clear out a big enough space in the house to lay all the pieces on the floor. Maybe I will even take pictures and do a fix-it Friday post for Jo. No promises though.


  1. My mom is making a quilt for my cousin's wedding in July. It's her first one in a long time (her back is not too forgiving these days). She is here for a visit while my DH travels for work and she rushed to get the quilt to a point where she could travel with it and work on it while she was here. Just last week she told me that she tried that spray stuff and she regretted it. That doesn't mean it won't work for you, of course. It was just a coincidence to see you mention it because normally I wouldn't know about this stuff from Adam. :)


  2. Oh man! And all cotton batting is really expensive! At least I have a wee bit of hope you might do a fif for me.

  3. Hi ... I just talked to my mom and she said to tell you (if you haven't done it yet ... or if you didn't know ...) to:

    - Spray the (wrong side of the)
    backing then

    - Start at one edge and roll the batting onto the backing slowly to make sure there are no creases because it doesn't correct easily/come apart once it sticks.

    She said she got wrinkles in it when she tried to roll it out and pulling it apart almost ruined the batting. She just did the best she could.

    She also suggested that an extra pair of hands would be a helpful when you are rolling it out ... especially with the size of quilt you are making.

    She said that she's heard of people pre-shrinking their batting in the tub ....



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