Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hero Worship

Gary has a major case of it with respect to Evan. I mean, major. If Evan wants to watch TV, so does Gary. If Evan is cooking dinner, Gary offers to make the salad. If Evan wants to play video games, so does Gary. And Gary wants to play whatever Evan wants to play.

"He follows me around constantly! He's like a little puppy dog. Do you have any idea how exhausting that is?" Evan says to me.

"Yes. I do." I reply.




  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    i clearly haven't been reading your blog well enough, or else i'd see the irony that you're implying!

    is it that evan once hero worshipped you, yondalla?

  2. I don't think it was hero worship, but it was puppy-dogging. All the boys have done that when they were new. Show up when you are cooking and volunteering to help, asking what you are watching on TV and trying to be interested, engaging you all day. It is sweet, and it is exhausting.

    Frankie did it less with me just because he did it so much with Roland.

    Gary however is totally focused on Evan when Evan is here.

    And why wouldn't he be? Evan is a kid who emancipated from foster care. Their stories are different, but the have a lot in common.

  3. "Puppy-dogging" is a perfect verb! I will definitely start making it a part of my vocabulary.

  4. ROTFL! Thanks for that ... too cute ... That Evan asked you that question like he was having an original experience ... like he has to explain to a mother, of all people, how exhausting it is. LOL!

    Is that a guy thing? That they have a tendancy to think they invented these thoughts that women have had all along whenever they experience them for the first time? Ah ... maybe that's sexist of me. ;)

    Cheers you all,

  5. Anonymous11:40 PM

    thanks for explaining, yondalla :-)

  6. Ha ha ha. Yes, really.


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