Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gary & football

He really is better than a lot of kids about details. I mean he did
call the group home and his last medical provider toget his physical
faxed to the school.

Still, on Thursday when we were in the stores he said that he didn't
need anything, and I KNOW I mentioned shoes specifically. Sunday night
he said that he needed new shoes for practice. Sorry kid. Gotta wait.

Roland took him this afternoon and bought him athletic shoes and
cleats. This afternoon, after five, he gave us forms to sign. Some we
could ~ like the one excusing him from school when he has games.
Others though, like the medical release, we could not. Roland scanned
then and I sent them to the social worker (agnecy). She will contct
the state worker who will hopefully sign. Until then he cannot play.

Just one of those little reminders that as a foster parent you are the
legal equivalent of a babysitter.

I do hope they sign. He really wants to do this.

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  1. You know, this is one part I always hated about being a foster kid... It never seemed fair and it was always a waiting game with social workers... I loved the one foster parent I had who just signed anyway... LOVED that woman... Seriously! She was the one who treated me most like her kid instead of a money sign anyway!

  2. Anonymous6:57 AM

    We are the educational and medical consenters for our kids. I like that our state allows this with a little training.

    Hmpf - I noticed I said kids. We actually only have 1 last child in foster care.

    It makes me sad to see what girl speaks says about being viewed as a money sign. It really isn't like that for most of us that I know.

    A friend just had a foster child who was told by his bio family that my friend was given money for him so he has been demanding it. But the truth of the matter is they spent all of the money the state gave them (and more) to drive him to and from the school he was in, which is on the other side of town.

  3. The problem, GirlSpeaks, is that most states do not legally allow foster parents to sign those forms. If they do it and there's a problem (say, the child has an accident while on a field trip, even a minor one, or the f'parents agree to some medical procedure that the bioparents don't agree with, or whatever), then the foster parents could easily lose their license.

    In some places, foster parents can't even have the child's hair cut. I know a Mom who got reamed out by the bioparent and then the agency after she cut the child's hair shorter. The child couldn't take care of it and hated it and there were constant battles every single morning. But the foster parent was told she had no rights to even a haircut for the child.

    I suspect most foster parents would like the ability to make form-required decisions for their foster parents. It would certainly make life easier if they could. And stop a lot of disappointments. The turn-around time is simply a whole lot longer when an agency or bio parents have to sign the forms.

  4. Okay, not to be nosey; I respect your need for privacy, but I do wonder what part of the country you live in that football is starting. That's odd to me. Ours won't start until a week or two before school starts. Interesting.


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